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Monday, December 22nd

We spent Monday checking out of our hotel, and then driving to Dordogne. We arrived just before sunset. We got a little lost right at the end. We doubted Jan, the GPS, but she had actually been right! We'd driven past the home, and then had to drive back.

We had a fun dinner catching up with Doug and Claudie and seeing their amazing home! There were 6 bedrooms on the first and second floor. And a huge barn outside with a movie theatre. The only thing I didn't expect was that it would be SO cold. I could not warm up!

Tuesday, December 23rd

Doug was nice to drive all 4 of us around to a few different towns. 

We stopped in the cute village of Bretenoux to pick up some food first. 
This cute dog looked so curious.

I stood in the sun while they bought food. I could NOT warm up!

Next, Doug drove us to a Castlenau. I'd like to call it "Castle- yes" because it was amazing! And it's not to be confused with Castlenaud that is not too far from here. 

There goes Bobby! 

Doug drove us to one more town.



Loubressac - I actually got a full picture with everyone in it!

Uncle Doug

Nick doing a silly dance...

Steph and Bobby in Loubressac


We had to run back home to drop some things off, and we decided to hit up Rocamadour. 


Bobby: This is an awesome fence.
Joey: That fence!? 
Bobby was talking about the stone barrier around the castle, but he was very close to an ugly metal fence when he mentioned it.

Instead of walking down the steep path leading from the castle to the little town, we drove around. Looking back, we probably should have walked because it people go on pilgrimages just to do that!

We did get a great view of the castle and town because of our drive. 

Steph's "man pose." Haha!

There was a rock that I could resist reenacting the "Little Mermaid."

Our last little town we stopped in was Beynac. It was SO cold and the town seemed deserted at this point.

For dinner, Doug and Claudie took us to a fancy restaurant nearby in Collenge.
It was delicious!

Wednesday, December 24 - Christmas Eve 

I had a whole itinerary for us this day. I really wanted to drive along the river where the 100 years War took place to see some castles. Domme was a good place to start. 

This is the view we got. It was completely fogged in!!

At least they had fun with it:)

Next we hopped over to Sarlat; they're known for their foie gras.

Nick and I bought a 400g can of foie gras here. (Later we had it confiscated by airport security. BOO!)

We all walked through the main square on market day.

For lunch we stopped at a little place that sold all kinds of sweets. They had foie gras flavored macaroons!

This region is also known for their caneles. They were good but a little crunchy.
I had a hamburger. (said with a French accent)

Bobby thought this was hilarious. "La Rapiere."

The last place on our list was the Lascaux caves. Jan, our GPS, led us astray again! There was a fence on our drive!
We weren't allowed to take any photos of the caves, but they were pretty impressive! We also could only do a French tour, so I understood about 10%. Oh well! It was still beautiful to see.

When we got back, Claudie had dinner ready for us. We did a little Christmas exchange. 

Nick and I got everyone funky glasses! 

Our beautiful dinner setting every night we were there. 

Bouch Noel (spelling?) is a traditional Christmas cake in France. We bought one in Sarlat. It was not NEARLY as good as the cakes that Doug and Claudie bought. 

Thursday, December 25th - Christmas Day

We had a nice relaxing day on Christmas. It was nice to not feel like we needed to go anywhere. 
Here's Doug and Claudie's place.

In the evening, I finally changed out of my pajamas and went for a walk around the area. 

Le Peuch!

Men and their fires:)

That evening Nathalie, her daughter and a friend showed up!
They were sleeping in the basement area. (Yes, MORE ROOMS!)

Also, for Christmas Doug and Claudie bought us some paper lanterns. I LOVE paper lanterns! They're so fun!

It was a great way to end the Christmas festivities! Merry Christmas!

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