Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Friday, November 14th 

A while back, my friend Kimberly asked me to do a fun photoshoot with her. She said she loved my red hair and a dress I own from Anthropologie. She didn't have to ask me twice! I jumped at the opportunity! She is an aspiring photographer and she does amazing work! I know one day she will make it big, and I will say I got to do a photoshoot with her when we lived in a beautiful town in Italy. :)

Here's a few of my favorites from the one sunny day we had after a few weeks of rain in our sweet town:

There were many people walking by during the photo shoot. Many of them were older men. They stopped and stared a few times, and then moved on. No big deal! I'm just dressed up on a Friday at 9am! Haha!

The theme of the shoot was a market day in Italy. Who dresses up for a market day, you ask? Just about everyone! Women and men look their best as they rub elbows and shop for their groceries every Thursday in our town.

I knew when I did this shot that people would assume I was pregnant. It's an artsy photo! Definitely not prego, friends!

We found this sweet feather on the ground as we were walking through town. Nothing like a little spontaneity! 

A few people out in the blogging world liked the photos that Kimberly took! Here are a few blogs that featured her work:



What better way to remember a magical place like Italy than a photoshoot! Thank you so much Kimberly! xo

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