Sunday, August 4, 2013


The day after Nick returned from Poland we drove 40 minutes up to Lake Barcis. Nick had quickly become acclimated to the cooler weather in Poland, so the heat of Italy was a bit much at first. It's nice that we live just 40 minutes away from cooler weather to get a break from the heat.
There were quite a few people at Barcis because August is the vacation month for most of Europe, so we just did a quick walk around the lake and snapped a few photos.

Later that week, on Thursday, August 1st marked the one year anniversary of my arrival to Italy! I can't believe I've been here for an entire year!!
To celebrate, Nick and I went down to Venice to meet some friends! We were running a little behind, so we got on a taxi boat to ride to San Marco's Square. Riding the water taxi was a first for both of us.

Haha! I love this one of Nick.

I completely forgot to get photos of our friends because we were so busy talking and having a good time! 
After they left, Nick and I took advantage of being in Venice together. We caught a ride over to Murano- the island of Venetian glass.

There were some glass factories open with free admission, so we checked a few out.

We walked up and down this canal, stepping into a few storefronts for a break from the heat.

This was my favorite display. The flowers are made from venetian glass.

Nick's interpretive dance of the lamppost. :)

I should have recorded this moment instead of taking a photo. These Carabinieri snuck up on a woman talking on her phone and scared her. (for no reason)  It was pretty funny and random to observe.

On our ride back to Venice, we got to see a huge cruise ship being pulled by a tug boat through the Grand Canal.

...and pushed!

Next we were both craving hamburgers, so we headed to Hard Rock Cafe. The iced tea was almost as satisfying as the burger. Usually, when I order iced tea, it's from a can or bottle. I could taste that their iced tea was the real deal with no sugar! Yum!

I love living so close to Venice to be able to do day trips to see friends! Next on my list of things to see in Venice is the island of Burano known for its lace.

Ciao for now!

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